About Me - LJK

Born and raised in a once bustling rust belt town in northern Illinois, Louis's childhood environment was filled more with crumbling parking lots and run down strip malls than with granite peaks and clear, cool trout streams. Upon graduating from the University of Illinois, Louis went on to attend the University of Michigan Law School where he earned his J.D. While making plans to move back to New York City, an opportunity presented itself in the Rocky Mountain oil & gas industry. Louis jumped into the adventure without looking back. Since then, his career in oil & gas has allowed him to travel and explore all over the Rockies, from New Mexico to Montana.

Intrigued by the grand landscapes of the western United States and inspired by the work of other explorers and artists, Louis began to document his own travels and adventures. What was once a pastime has become a passion. He constantly seeks a new destination to explore, whether it can be found wandering around the local landscapes of northeastern Utah, climbing a peak in Wyoming's Wind River Range, or getting lost in Arizona's Superstition Wilderness.

Louis now lives in Vernal, UT. "One thing I love about the Uinta Basin is that its landscapes are still relatively "undiscovered" when compared to many other areas I've been to," he said. Louis's work has been featured on Smithsonian.com's Photo of the Day page, 500px.com's Editors' Choice page, Arizona Highways' Photo of the Day page, KSL.com, KSL-TV, U.S. Department of Interior social media pages, Utah.com, recreation.gov, nwf.org, and various publications of the National Forest Foundation. His image of Wagon Wheel Point in Dinosaur National Monument will be featured in the upcoming book FLYING HOME: The Colorado Plateau from Above and Below, written by Craig Childs and published by Peaks, Plateaus & Canyons Associations (PPCA) (anticipated December, 2017).

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