About Me - LJK

          Born and raised in a once bustling rust belt town in northern Illinois, I had zero exposure to the wide open landscapes of the Western U.S. Instead, I was mostly surrounded by crumbling parking lots and dilapidated strip malls. Upon graduating from the University of Michigan, I was lured to the Rocky Mountain states by a promise of a career in the oil and gas industry and riches beyond my wildest dreams. Unfortunately, no one told me that those riches would come in the form of Holiday Inn reward points earned after living in and out of hotels for the next three years. With those reward points I was able to purchase my first DSLR for free. From that point on, I've been trapped in the hopeless money pit of landscape photography.

          My work has been featured in Backpacker and Utah Life magazines as well as on various web pages such as rei.com, smithsonianmag.com, 500px.com, KSL.com, utah.com, arizonhighways.com, recreation.gov, nwf.org, U.S. Department of Interior social media pages, and various publications of the National Forest Foundation. My image of Wagon Wheel Point in Dinosaur National Monument is featured in the book Flying Home: The Colorado Plateau from Above and Below, written by Craig Childs and published in 2017 by Peaks, Plateaus & Canyons Associations (PPCA).

          I am currently based in Vernal, Utah. 

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